Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm extremely restless.
I tried to read, but all I could do was fidget and twirl my hair around my finger. Next, I tried to sit still for five minutes and attempted staring at the buildings in front me. I was doing fine (one minute, sixty seconds tops) until the door bell rang. As soon as I caught a glimpse of the red box inside the while polythene bag, I ran to the kitchen, got myself a plate and promptly devoured  the chocolate tart my Mum got me (and they wonder why I'm fat). Five minutes (or was it three?) of my undivided attention later, I was trying to get the perfect picture. Seeing as to how that wasn't happening, I turned on the computer. Usually facebook is my source of joy and entertainment, however, as luck may have it, there was absolutely nothing interesting going on there either. Nevertheless, I proceeded to write the longest post ever on my cousin's wall (wow, I can really talk/type quite a bit) and hoped that that would keep my relentless thoughts at bay for a while, but no. Next thing I knew I was shaking my leg at an alarming speed and thinking of what to do next. I glanced at my oil pastels for about ten seconds and gave up on that idea and instead, turned on 'whatever you like' on you tube. Halfway through the song, I turned it off and....yes, I meant it when I said I was feeling very restless.
And to think that a while ago, I was seriously contemplating learning the art of sitting still and meditating and all that jazz. I mean who am I kidding? WHY can't I ever sit still? Seriously, if one of the laws of the universe was that everybody could attain peace and control over their minds (at some point), I'd be the very last one. Or wait, I probably wouldn't qualify at all. Which is just so disturbing you know?

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