Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm supposed to be working on an article. And I have one line. One.
I hate it when you know you have to meet a deadline, but you still can't bring yourself to work any faster. I have been staring at my monitor for about fifteen minutes (do you know how much you can do in fifteen minutes?) and I have nothing. Right now, I'm thinking of the wonderful aerial ballet I watched today. As this group of artists bounded off rocks so gracefully and twirled in the air, I sat there, transfixed. They were fucking brilliant! I think I'd like to try it someday. Not the whole dance-in-a-synchronized-manner-while-leaping-off-rocks thing (although that was my initial idea, Paddi talked me out of it and said that would be aiming too high) but rappelling. That sounds doable enough, I reckon?
So, currently, my Bucket List comprises of the following:
-Go to Italy.
-Go back to Disney world and stay for longer.

Now, I think I should get back and stare at my word document and hope to dear God I produce 450 words in the next two hours.

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