Friday, May 20, 2011

Here's the thing about falling in love.
It isn't a contiguous event. It doesn't just hit you one morning. What it does is, it  takes you by surprise. It's more of a revelation. A  gradual process you become more involved in, everyday. And once it does build up and become that all consuming feeling of giddy happiness, you know it's hit you. Yes, when you smile for no apparent reason, when you feel so light headed that you almost glide through monotonous routines, when you can't tear your gaze away from your cellphone screen cause God forbid you miss a text, when you can't make sense of anything anymore and still enjoy every minute of being clueless, yes my friend, that means you're falling.  All you know is that, that person is enlaced with your every thought. Their happiness becomes your happiness. Black and white becomes colour, your little bathroom singing sessions become louder, mushy becomes your new middle name and suddenly the world is a better place. Falling in love can be wonderful. It can be overwhelming and vertiginous, but you would be a fool if you said it wasn't worth every minute.

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