Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm on the eight season of Greys Anatomy.
I practically waited four months for it to start. In fact, I started waiting for it the minute the last season came to a close (stating the obvious). I was six days too late for the first episode (broke my heart), computer glitch you see. Anyway, I just watched it. I swear I didn't cry for the first 70 something minutes. And I was so proud of myself, because let's face it, I can almost count the number of episodes I haven't cried for. On one hand, I'd like to add. And then it all took a turn for the worse and before long, I was biting my lip while the tears rolled down. There was also a lot of sniffing on my right (the little sister) combined with my own occasional slightly-too-loud sobs. Oh, how I've missed you Greys! Eight seasons and you never get old.

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