Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heaven's got a Plan

Off The Bucket List .

                          We came. We Raved. We Loved. Not so easily! We came to Mumbai, and circumstances didn't allow it. We then headed back home and waited for the longest 2 months of our lives. It was again that time, and 20th January, 2013 was deemed as THE day, in Bangalore. However, our beloved Mafia couldn't make it and it was understood by the fans. The urge to see the Swedish perform superseded all other commitments. They promised us a gig, and they made it the following day. I was unusually ecstatic, earlier that morning. We knew that our wait had counted itself down to only a few hours.  

                          You are greeted by the 16000+ crowd and it is Ridiculous how awesome it is. It took us a while to exchange our tickets and meet up with a few others, but we got in well before it was time.  Tuhin Mehta and Shaan were warming up the crowd, but I tip my hat to Rohit Barker's set. I wasn't going to wait any longer to jump. It was soon time for Swedish House Mafia, and boy did they really make an entrance. The production was OFF THE HOOK. A build up to the curtain drop- Now we see Axwell, Ingrosso and Angelo!! It was all taking place right in front of you! The intro, the lights and the fireworks (,the few whiskies) made for a visual treat. No other artist/group really puts on the kind of a show that SHM did, and we were in awe of the wild 2 hours that had only just begun. 'We came, we raved, we loved'  is apparently the opening track which soon mixed into Greyhound, and subtly done so. Their set was filled with explosive tunes! The kind of tracks that would justify being the soundtrack every awesome moment that you experienced. All that one would hope to be included in their set- 'Reload, Calling, Save The World, Don't You Worry child, In My Mind'  were striking the right chord with each and everyone of those madsixteenthousandpeople and their remix of Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall never sounded better to me. Although, I can't stop raving about the set-up. Never before had the lights and the fireworks and the sound and the display ( feeling the need to attend another gig) played such a major role. IT WAS CRAZY. The unbelievable kind of crazy. I can only imagine the view from the stage, while those lights shone down upon that insane crowd just dancing away to the beats, embracing all those lights and their three favourite Swedish encircled by their respective 3 dots. 

               The best moment would've probably been when Axwell asked everyone to sit down, (although some were glad to just sit on shoulders of their counterparts/others) whilst Don't You Worry Child was playing. '.. See heaven's got a plan for you' and then the drop! AND EVERYBODY JUMPS!! Its insane how everyone jumped in unison- which now leads me to believe that the nearby areas might've felt a tremour. We noticed the Indian flag light up the stage and you could hear the crowd scream and cheer so loud, it would put a plane taking-off to shame.

                  The maddening set was coming to an end, and we were only hungry for more. It was great to hear Axwell communicate so much to the crowd. SHM left us to an acoustic version of Save The World that thanked everyone who was a part of the show, and everyone who made it possible. I too, would like to thank Percept and the Sunburn crew for making this happen. Although it soon dawned upon us that this was probably the last time that we would see them, we couldn't believe of the experience we just had. Thus explaining the ambivalence in the area. The walk out seemed like a music festival too , but with much tinier, 4- wheeled stages that didn't want it to be over. 

                   Turns out heaven did have a plan for us. I have marked 'Attend SHM' off my bucket list. It was all and more than I imagined it to be. It was the experience of a lifetime, and for the truly optimistic- a kickass kick-start to 2013. 

It was great having you, SHM. Goodbye, and goodluck. 

We came, We Raved. They Loved.

(Written by Kunal Waghray)

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