Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm literally dying on account of how bored I am.
I actually spent ten precious minutes just pacing up and down my hall. And in the sleep deprived state I am currently in, it took me rather long to realize I was moving aimlessly, staring at the intricate pattern on my carpet. My best friend was supposed to come home and keep me company, but she decided to go shopping instead leaving me to endure my misery alone. Of course, I turned on the idiot box next, only to see Jackie Chan jumping around making strange noises. Mind you, I have nothing against the man or his love for martial arts, it's just that I don't really like action movies. And that's saying a lot considering I would never settle to watch one even on my worst day. Suddenly, I remembered that little yellow folder in My Documents titled 'Entourage' and that gave me momentary happiness. But then I remembered how I would probably have to watch the entire thing again. With my father, who loves it so much, he actually watches 6 episodes straight without getting up. Not even for water. Or to talk to my mother (who is constantly cursing me for having introduced him to "this garbage" as she puts it). What can I say? It's freakin' awesome! So coming back to my point, I didn't get down to watching anything, on the contrary I was left staring longingly at all those seasons with all those episodes. Then I thought of Glee! Then I thought shit, damn Megavideo and damn their 72 mintues a day (which I already finished, as luck may have it). It really doesn't help that Christmas is tomorrow and no one is making any plan involving going to some really nice place and gazing at a huge Christmas tree (which is really all I want to do). Before you pass any judgement, I'm really tired of the alcohol and partying with no place to breathe. This Christmas I just want to do something quiet, maybe dinner and then midnight mass. Except when I suggested this, it was shot down so brutally that it will probably never surface again.
So, now I'm stuck with nothing to do. Which is really not working out for me. Clearly.

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