Thursday, January 6, 2011

So, 2011 is here and it started with another wedding, just the way I like it. My whole (crack) family coming together again, the new people, the ever flowing alcohol and love, the deco that looked like something out of a page of a fairytale, the sangeet and the photographs. I'm going to miss it. Hell, I already miss it and it's been what like 3 days?
Anyway, I feel like this year has already gotten off to a rather promising start. For one, I think I might have gotten a brain. Okay, it's a rather silly way to put it, but it's true nonetheless. I mean, the whole of 2010 I went after something that I really wanted. Atleast I thought I did. Come to think of it, it was more of a longing towards something that was far from concrete. Like some stupid person in a daze, I followed this ridiculous feeling and beat myself up about it and wasted precious minutes obsessing over it and God, now that I think about it, I feel completely stupid . Ugh. My point is, I finally know what I was missing this whole time. I mean, it's like waking up one day and looking at a painting you really love and finding it's many flaws. All along, I held on to this 'picture' and hankered to own it and hang it on my wall and look at it everyday, until one fine day, I noticed all the details I overlooked and suddenly, it didn't look so pretty anymore. Suddenly, I didn't want it. Which brings me to right now. I figure that it's probably just another piece of art that initially seemed to appeal to me, what with all it's bright colours, but then eventually, upon further study, I realized how ordinary the design was and how this was just not that wonderful work of art I was looking for. So I'm going to forget about it (it might prick a little, after all I did spend many hours gazing at it and silently wishing to have it someday) and get on with my life. And hopefully, in time, that perfect painting will hang on my wall in all it's glory and then I'll proudly call it mine.

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