Friday, January 21, 2011

This last week we've had quite the girls time out.
I wonder why we never thought of it before. (Our weekly dose of 'ladies night' doesn't count because by the end of the night, there are so many men swarming the place it sort of defeats the entire purpose). Anyway, getting back on track, the yearly exhibition was in town again and many text messages and frantic calls later, 7 of us were standing in a very crowded station rather over dressed and in high (pun intended) spirits. After getting on the right train in a span of 6 seconds, we held on for dear life (some of us couldn't really reach those damn metal bars) and made quite a racket until we got off 3 stations later. Our initial joy of travelling so economically and in half the time was quickly replaced by lots of swear words as we fought with two very obstinate auto guys to take us half a kilometer. Soon, we reached the huge overly crowded place. We were welcomed by some real 'catchy' Hindi song that we made fun of, although 2 minutes later we were all singing it quite loudly (go figure). After being overwhelmed by the colours and the variety we had to choose from, soon we were bargaining and buying things like there was no tomorrow. Need I mention the popcorn and the cotton candy that was consumed in large quantities? Two hours later, the adventurous foursome (haha) set out to satisfy their daring streak on those awful rides while the sensible threesome went to the 'Well of Death' preferring to watch than be part of. Fifteen minutes later, we (the latter) came out with a new found respect for the freakish looking stunt dudes on the poster. They were awesome! I can't really speak for the daring four, but we sure felt like we had seen 'the real heroes'. Next stop, Bade Miyan. To say we devoured every last bit would be a slight understatement. Feeling rather full and pretty tired, we pushed our way back to the exit and painstakingly caught autos (fuck economical) and that was the end of our fun exhibition experience. 
Next came Fipi. Usual Tuesday night, only this time we were not accompanied by the opposite sex. Many Whiskeys, Appletini's and Scarlett O'hara's later came clicking cameras and blinding flashes. And then, quite oblivious of the other people present, we did the Hustle. In fact we did it so much, that eventually, we realized how retarded we looked and stopped. Taking the dance floor by storm with our 'trippy' steps, it was quite a fun night. So yes, who says we need the boys to make us happy? We can do just fine without em, thankyouverymuch.

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