Friday, January 28, 2011

I have been frantically looking for paper for the last fifteen minutes, but to no avail. Well that shouldn't really come as a surprise considering I'm on a train and paper isn't something you just find 'lying around'. I'm bored as hell (atleast I was until 2 minutes ago) and have been trying to refrain from using my phone because my battery is rather low. Yes, I'm aware of the charging point they have here and no, I can't use it because I have this mental block that my phone will get screwed if I do. Stupid, I know. Anyway, since I can't handle the lack-of-things-to-do any longer, I have decided to log in from my phone (first phone-blog, yay) and forget about my dying battery. My father insisted on the train so as to 'catch up' on his sleep and well, he is doing just that right about now. I don't even have the heart to wake him up to entertain me. The book I was reading got annoying too which leaves me with no other option but to observe the little kid be a handful, while his poor mother runs around trying to catch him. He is really amusing me. Not only does he lack the ability to sit still for a minute, he also spits out everything he eats and turns on various switches every two minutes. I'm trying to talk to him, but all he cares about is running up and down. Not to mention how he has managed to make a huge mess on the seat. I'm feeling pretty damn grateful to be sleeping on the top berth, let me tell you. No, I'm not a bitch. I actually love kids. I just dislike the mess they make. In this case, its spilt milk, crushed biscuits, chewed pista shells, bread crumbs and shoe marks on the once-white pillows. Also, I am freezing to death and it doesn't help that the little one keeps turning on the fan in addition to the aircon that's on full blast.  Anyway, I'm going to wrap this up now and tell you how blessed I'm feel owing to the joys of technology. What would we ever do without it?

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