Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I don't really have a refined way to put this, so I'm going to come right out with it: my head is going to FUCKING explode. Yes, EXPLODE.

Why, you ask?
To start with, three words, Food Porn Daily. This website, besides being  food lovers paradise, is absolute torture. Picture Fudgy double Chocolate Brownies dipped in rich Chocolate Ganache or Cheesecake with Peanut-butter mousse, Oreo crust and warm Peanut butter glaze or maybe, Smores pie with uttery Graham Cracker crust, Rich Chocolate Custard and Toasted Marshmallows drizzled with warm Chocolate Sauce. Yes, I'm fully aware I can just paste the links here and have you cry while you clutch your monitor, however, I'm not that horrible. Why have these enthralling visuals burn holes in your retina as well, right? Anyway, my point is that it's not fair. The colour, the way it's presented, the way it looks so ready-to-eat, even the name for crying out loud, drives me crazy. Especially when you're a pure-food-loving-breed, like me. And the very worst bit is not the ostentatiously exhibited food, it's the fact that once you open that darn website, you just CANNOT bring yourself to close it
As if that is not enough, there is Master Chef Australia every night at 9. And Nigella's Kitchen. And another one hundred similar shows that make sure you never escape what you're missing. It's downright agonizing if you ask me. 
And yet, with fifteen minutes left, I'm nearing the end of this post because guess what's on next? Master Chef Australia. So really, this whole venting thing I have going on? Don't fall for it. Because it's all my fault. 

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